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Voyce is an animal health and wellness technology innovator with a mission to bring breakthrough health diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring and advanced analytics to market.


The new standard in medical remote monitoring of companion animals is here, based on millions of hours of collected and analyzed data, and patented algorithms developed with leading veterinary universities. This comprehensive, clinically validated, extensible solution will be available for professional use in the near future.
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The Voyce Health and Wellness Ecosystem easily and non-invasively acquires clinical-grade health and wellness data across diverse animal markets and fields-of-use using a platform of comprehensive sensor technologies. Actionable activity, behavioral and biometric information is analyzed and seamlessly integrated into a large variety of data management programs.
Voyce Integrated Technologies. Sensor platform, Intelligent Analytics and Seamless Data Delivery.



Voyce has partnered with industry leaders for the research, development and continued enhancement of its offerings:

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Voyce is presently developing on-body, off-body and near-body solutions for monitoring the health and wellness of a diversity of species, including companion and livestock animals.
Voyce Health Technology for Animals




“A Holter monitor gives me one day of data. With Voyce…I get to see long term trends that are probably more reflective of the true average Heart Rate, allowing me to detect important changes in my patients over time.”


- Sonya Gordon, DVM, DVSc, DACVIM

Texas A&M

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