The Voyce Health and Wellness Ecosystem



At the heart of the Voyce Health and Wellness Ecosystem is a sophisticated, configurable, patented sensor platform for non-invasive and autonomous collection of clinical grade vital signs and other critical health metrics. The Voyce sensor platform is an Internet of Things solution enabling integration of other on-body, in-body or near-body sensors.


Data from the configurable sensor platform is transmitted to the Voyce cloud or private network for data storage, post-processing, data visualization and cognitive customer analytics. The data processing enables predictive analytics that support earlier and less invasive intervention, and improved outcomes.


Voyce data can be delivered to a variety of platforms, providing easily adaptable integration options to meet the needs of your workflow. Alternatively, Voyce data can be delivered using its own proprietary platform, as well as integrate data from additional complementary sensor technologies. Clinical-grade data is now available anytime, anywhere.

Voyce takes a scientific approach to all its development activities, validating all aspects of its solution through extensive, independent studies with preeminent academic organizations and research institutes.

Millions of hours of canine field data

Over 5,000 in-lab protocols completed on over 50 subjects

530 simulated clinic canine protocols

250+ rodent protocols

15 equine protocols

180+ Voyce prototype tests

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