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A short (and round) history of the button

Early MacOS OK and Cancel buttons

The push button. It’s truly the blunt instrument of UI design. While most other controls provide some indication of the type of operation they’re performing – sliders are adjusting a value, a switch is moving between two states – buttons just mean “do something”. What? The only way to tell is to press it and […]

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London Underground UI Fail

You’d think replacing a magnetic board with a digital system would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? Well, not if you get the “user interface” completely wrong…

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iPad – The rise of the naturalistic user interface

Apple’s iPad applications make use of real-world objects in their user interfaces: books, newspapers, address books. What is it about the iPad that makes it a good platform for this kind of UI?

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Why the Peggle mobile experience beats GTA

Peggle and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Two fantastic and very different iPhone games, but how is your enjoyment of them affected by the platform on which they run?

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Pinned DataTips in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

I’ve just noticed a nice little feature in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2: pinned DataTips. Values displayed in the debugger as you hover over a variable can now be pinned in place and remain aligned with the source. They can even have annotations added… Tasty!

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The 7 signs your UI was created by a programmer

Programmers are notoriously bad at creating good user interfaces. How can you tell if your app was designed by a programmer? (Hint: it’s easy).

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