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A short (and round) history of the button

Early MacOS OK and Cancel buttons

The push button. It’s truly the blunt instrument of UI design. While most other controls provide some indication of the type of operation they’re performing – sliders are adjusting a value, a switch is moving between two states – buttons just mean “do something”. What? The only way to tell is to press it and […]

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.NET DLLs Loaded Twice

There’s a bug in 32-bit .NET 2.0 where assemblies are loaded twice, wasting valuable address space.

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C++: The oldest new kid on the block

Is C++ coming back to a warm welcome from Microsoft?

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Am I being called from DllMain?

How can you tell if your code is being called from within DllMain? You could use an undocumented function from ntdll.dll.

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.NET 4.0 Type Equivalence causes BadImageFormatException

Interop assemblies containing certain constructs will cause a BadImageFormatException in .NET 4.0

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Modifying the VC runtime to get better heap allocation stack traces

Heap allocation stack traces are useless when using certain versions of the MSVC runtime. Is it possible to modify and rebuild MSVCR80 to avoid this?

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Where’s my window?

Where’s my window gone? I’m sure I left it around here somewhere…

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A WPF custom control in F#

What F# language and syntax features are required to implement a fundamentally object-oriented WPF custom control?

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Don’t do anything in DllMain… Please

Thinking of adding some code to your DLLs DllMain function? STOP!

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FormatException in WPF DataBinding

A FormatException is generated by the WPF DataBinding diagnostics if the original exception text contains curly brackets.

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