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Examining PDB files with DBH

Wow, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve blogged. I think it’s time I put something up just to break the curse, and this seemed like a good, and hopefully useful, place to start. Time to polish some of these dusty drafts into published gems. Ever been in that situation where you (or someone […]

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Am I being called from DllMain?

How can you tell if your code is being called from within DllMain? You could use an undocumented function from ntdll.dll.

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Calling MSBuild tasks with F#

It’s easy to call MSBuild tasks directly from F#. Although possibly unnecessary.

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Generating and plotting random numbers

An example of generating random numbers in F# and visualising their distribution using the WPF charting control.

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Pinned DataTips in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

I’ve just noticed a nice little feature in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2: pinned DataTips. Values displayed in the debugger as you hover over a variable can now be pinned in place and remain aligned with the source. They can even have annotations added… Tasty!

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Comparing lambdas in C++ and F#

Lambdas in C++ and F#: compare and contrast.

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FormatException in WPF DataBinding

A FormatException is generated by the WPF DataBinding diagnostics if the original exception text contains curly brackets.

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Installing Windows SDK breaks F# Visual Studio integration

Beware! If you install the Windows SDK – perhaps to get access to the interesting looking WPF performance tools – you’ll find that it hoses your F# Visual Studio integration. I found that it causes intellisense tooltips to stop appearing, and the integrated F# interactive to crash Visual Studio. Both of these issues are a […]

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Visual Studio Toggle Brackets Macro

After using a F# heavily for a while, I often found myself wanting to add brackets (or rather, parentheses) around some text. This is normally when adding a type specification to an argument in order to be able to use dot notation, e.g. going from: let typeName t = t.Name which causes “error FS0072: Lookup […]

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(My) Essential Visual Studio add-ins

Thought you might like to know about a few Visual Studio tools and add-ins that I regularly use, and find very useful: Copy as HTML Fantastic little tool that lets you copy formatted text from the VS editor as HTML fragments. You can’t beat syntax highlighting to ease code readability, and this plug-in is great […]

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