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A short (and round) history of the button

Early MacOS OK and Cancel buttons

The push button. It’s truly the blunt instrument of UI design. While most other controls provide some indication of the type of operation they’re performing – sliders are adjusting a value, a switch is moving between two states – buttons just mean “do something”. What? The only way to tell is to press it and […]

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An iOS Lava Lamp using OpenGL ES shaders

Catchy title, eh? This little experiment came about as I’ve been working on an iOS app where I decided to use an embedded OpenGL view, via GLKit, for a bit more flexibility than a plain-old UIView. This found me falling head-first down a rabbit-hole of OpenGL ES shaders. I ended up putting together a little […]

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Drawing animated shapes and text in Core Animation layers

Using paths and text to simple create composite animated graphics with Core Graphics, UIKit and Core Animation.

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Creating an iPad flip-clock with Core Animation

Using Core Animation to create flip-card number animations on the iPad and iPhone

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BattleFingers is here!

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve got my first game live on the AppStore. It’s been an interesting journey. I’m terribly bad at getting my hands on devkits and SDKs, having a play with them and then not doing anything constructive. This dates way back to things like the Playstation NetYaroze, which was pretty expensive, and […]

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Sound formats for iPhone development

Ahh, back to work today. It’s pretty tough getting back into the swing of things after what turned out to be a long break this year. While I was off I finally got to spend some time working on an iPhone game. After getting hold of the SDK a while back, it’s only now that […]

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Back to Mac

Well, I’ve finally got round to getting my hands on a Mac – a shiny 17″ MacBook Pro, no less – after last being heavily involved in Mac development about a decade ago when it was all about the somewhat basic IDE (at least in today’s terms) MPW – the Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop. Check it […]

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