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iOS OpenGL ES compatibility gotcha

Oh man, I just wasted too many hours of my life trying to figure out why calls to glBlitFramebuffer in my iOS app were returning GL_INVALID_OPERATION. I was targeting iOS 7, so I should’ve been able to use OpenGL ES 3.0 calls, and after all, I’d built against the v3 headers and everything else was […]

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SpriteKit for Cocos2D developers

spritekit logo

On my recent iOS puzzler Wordz, I decided not to reinvent the wheel, and instead use an off-the-shelf 2d game framework. I settled on Cocos2d. It makes it very easy to put together sprite-based games or apps by providing all the basic pieces like a scene graph, animations and integration with a couple of physics […]

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An iOS Lava Lamp using OpenGL ES shaders

Catchy title, eh? This little experiment came about as I’ve been working on an iOS app where I decided to use an embedded OpenGL view, via GLKit, for a bit more flexibility than a plain-old UIView. This found me falling head-first down a rabbit-hole of OpenGL ES shaders. I ended up putting together a little […]

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Looking back at 2011

A quick look back at some of the stuff I’ve been doing this year.

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Drawing animated shapes and text in Core Animation layers

Using paths and text to simple create composite animated graphics with Core Graphics, UIKit and Core Animation.

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Creating a physics-based OpenGL iOS app

If you know a bit of OpenGL you can integrate the powerful Bullet physics API into your iPad or iPhone app.

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Not dead, just busy

Where’ve I been…?

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Sneaky peek: Physics on iOS

A quick look at the physics demo I’ve been writing using Bullet on iOS.

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