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iOS OpenGL ES compatibility gotcha

Oh man, I just wasted too many hours of my life trying to figure out why calls to glBlitFramebuffer in my iOS app were returning GL_INVALID_OPERATION. I was targeting iOS 7, so I should’ve been able to use OpenGL ES 3.0 calls, and after all, I’d built against the v3 headers and everything else was […]

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SpriteKit for Cocos2D developers

spritekit logo

On my recent iOS puzzler Wordz, I decided not to reinvent the wheel, and instead use an off-the-shelf 2d game framework. I settled on Cocos2d. It makes it very easy to put together sprite-based games or apps by providing all the basic pieces like a scene graph, animations and integration with a couple of physics […]

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Dynamic D3 with Knockout.js

A couple of things happened recently that prompted me to write this blog post. Firstly, I’ve been playing around with HTML5/javascript based user interfaces and data visualisation. Secondly, I watched a fascinating presentation from UX guru Brett Victor, making me wonder if it was possible to create an interactive, data-drawing app like the one he […]

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A short (and round) history of the button

Early MacOS OK and Cancel buttons

The push button. It’s truly the blunt instrument of UI design. While most other controls provide some indication of the type of operation they’re performing – sliders are adjusting a value, a switch is moving between two states – buttons just mean “do something”. What? The only way to tell is to press it and […]

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An iOS Lava Lamp using OpenGL ES shaders

Catchy title, eh? This little experiment came about as I’ve been working on an iOS app where I decided to use an embedded OpenGL view, via GLKit, for a bit more flexibility than a plain-old UIView. This found me falling head-first down a rabbit-hole of OpenGL ES shaders. I ended up putting together a little […]

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Examining PDB files with DBH

Wow, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve blogged. I think it’s time I put something up just to break the curse, and this seemed like a good, and hopefully useful, place to start. Time to polish some of these dusty drafts into published gems. Ever been in that situation where you (or someone […]

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Beginning F#: Records

An introductory look at record types, a useful F# language feature.

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.NET DLLs Loaded Twice

There’s a bug in 32-bit .NET 2.0 where assemblies are loaded twice, wasting valuable address space.

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Looking back at 2011

A quick look back at some of the stuff I’ve been doing this year.

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Drawing animated shapes and text in Core Animation layers

Using paths and text to simple create composite animated graphics with Core Graphics, UIKit and Core Animation.

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