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Dad Gaming


I have recently entered a new, strange and exciting phase of my gaming life: Dad Gaming. To put this in context, I’ve been playing games for a long time. I Mutant Camel’d through primary school, Sonic’d through the student days, PaRappa’d through my early career and Mario’d into marriage. But at all of those points […]

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Tax Avoidance 2.0

Tax avoidance is rife in the new (and existing) generation of tech companies.

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C++: The oldest new kid on the block

Is C++ coming back to a warm welcome from Microsoft?

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London Underground UI Fail

You’d think replacing a magnetic board with a digital system would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? Well, not if you get the “user interface” completely wrong…

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Programming is like a bad analogy

The joy of programming can be a difficult thing to describe. I take a look at some of the bizarre things people have compared it to.

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TwitterVision: How Twitter transformed TV

How has Twitter transformed the act of watching TV?

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The 7 signs your UI was created by a programmer

Programmers are notoriously bad at creating good user interfaces. How can you tell if your app was designed by a programmer? (Hint: it’s easy).

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Static libraries are Evil

In my opinion. Why? Well, because it’s too easy to use them as an excuse for not defining your shared library interfaces properly. The reason this is on my mind recently is that several hundred, yes, you heard that right, several hundred DLLs have been released by my group over the last, ooh, 10 years […]

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Back from the brink…

<sigh> After the attack of the incompetent hosts (1&1). Previous content should be restored shortly.

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