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SpriteKit for Cocos2D developers

spritekit logo

On my recent iOS puzzler Wordz, I decided not to reinvent the wheel, and instead use an off-the-shelf 2d game framework. I settled on Cocos2d. It makes it very easy to put together sprite-based games or apps by providing all the basic pieces like a scene graph, animations and integration with a couple of physics […]

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Dynamic D3 with Knockout.js

A couple of things happened recently that prompted me to write this blog post. Firstly, I’ve been playing around with HTML5/javascript based user interfaces and data visualisation. Secondly, I watched a fascinating presentation from UX guru Brett Victor, making me wonder if it was possible to create an interactive, data-drawing app like the one he […]

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A short (and round) history of the button

Early MacOS OK and Cancel buttons

The push button. It’s truly the blunt instrument of UI design. While most other controls provide some indication of the type of operation they’re performing – sliders are adjusting a value, a switch is moving between two states – buttons just mean “do something”. What? The only way to tell is to press it and […]

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30 years ago at CES…

How different did things look at CES 30 years ago? Very.

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Creating a physics-based OpenGL iOS app

If you know a bit of OpenGL you can integrate the powerful Bullet physics API into your iPad or iPhone app.

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Kinect SDK with F#

My first quick look at using the Kinect SDK with F#.

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onedotzero – Sprites – doing it for the kids

This year the onedotzero film festival included for the first time a screening for families. Here’s what I thought of it.

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Sneaky peek: Physics on iOS

A quick look at the physics demo I’ve been writing using Bullet on iOS.

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Minilight renderer in F#

Porting the Minilight global illumination renderer to F#.

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Creating an iPad flip-clock with Core Animation

Using Core Animation to create flip-card number animations on the iPad and iPhone

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