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Dad Gaming


I have recently entered a new, strange and exciting phase of my gaming life: Dad Gaming. To put this in context, I’ve been playing games for a long time. I Mutant Camel’d through primary school, Sonic’d through the student days, PaRappa’d through my early career and Mario’d into marriage. But at all of those points […]

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30 years ago at CES…

How different did things look at CES 30 years ago? Very.

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Why the Peggle mobile experience beats GTA

Peggle and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Two fantastic and very different iPhone games, but how is your enjoyment of them affected by the platform on which they run?

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BattleFingers is here!

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve got my first game live on the AppStore. It’s been an interesting journey. I’m terribly bad at getting my hands on devkits and SDKs, having a play with them and then not doing anything constructive. This dates way back to things like the Playstation NetYaroze, which was pretty expensive, and […]

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I’ve just finished playing Fahrenheit, an intriguing game. It caught my attention because it sets out to be different from many games of today. For a start, it’s not a sequel or subtitle (”Game: the second”), it’s new IP, and more importantly it recognises that games can be all about storytelling and direction. In fact, […]

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